Praxis Definition

Praxis Performance Group Inc. partners with organizations to create Diversity and Inclusion. We build teams, train leaders and employees, enhancing or creating their HR and Business Strategy with a foundation of diversification.

We are a team of seasoned facilitators in team development, recuitment, strategy development and leadership training.

We partner with organizations to help address unconscious bias, lack of diversity and lack of inclusion. We address team conflicts, stress, communication challenges, recruitment dilemmas, performance management woes as well as struggles with employee retention and engagement.   Praxis Performance Group Inc. has the tools to pin point trouble, address the issue with straightforward solutions and implement the new direction for your team.

We work with established business, start-ups and small businesses that do not have dedicated HR staff. We also work with business of all sizes with functioning HR teams who are limited in their time, resources or capacity to aid in their growth and development.



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PO BOX 1614, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0

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