Hooray for November 1st by Drew Stewart

This November 1st has given me three things to be happy about. First, it provided me an extra hour of sleep. Secondly, it signifies the start of Movember. Not only is Movember an opportunity to raise awareness for prostate cancer but it also gives me a legitimate reason to abandon grooming my upper lip. The eventual disappointment that will come at the end of the month when I look decidedly un-Tom Selleck-like is too far off into the distance to dampen my spirits. Last and most importantly, I am happy on this November 1st that we are as far away from Halloween as we can possibly be.  In three words: I hate Halloween.  I understand the appeal of Halloween to some and definitely do not begrudge anyone who thoroughly enjoys it; it’s just not for me.  If not for having three young kids, it would be largely ignored in my house and only remembered fondly when I reaped the reward of 50% off of unsold chocolate bars at the grocery store.

For as long as I remember, I have had strong introverted preferences. I stopped going out trick or treating when I was around eight years old because I couldn’t be bothered with being forced into interacting with so many people in order to get candy. I simply chose to do without the candy rather than subject myself to the forced interaction with strangers.  I also banked at bit on there being a bunch leftover from what my parents gave out.  With my own three kids, I know I must mentally rehearse what small talk I am going to use when I take the kids to the door when I inevitably engage with the candy giver. I also spend a great deal of time thinking of ways I can mix it up so I don’t become repetitive. On most days I have to prepare myself to summon the energy to interact with the occasional stranger as I go about my daily business, on this day I have to interact with a multitude and on top of it, I need to mix in chit chat about how great I think their costume looks!  Seems small but it is enough to push this introvert over the edge into avoiding people all together. 

Halloween and my reluctance to dive head first into it is not going away. I have a few more years of shepherding kids around door to door. Their smiles and excitement are enough to keep me going. But I will always be happiest come November 1st when it is over for another year. Thanks to a leap year it is 366 days away ‘til I have to do it again. For now I will spend the next 30 days trying to be Magnum P.I.