Praxis in Nanaimo by Christina Stewart

I had the most amazing opportunity to speak at a Women’s Lifestyle and Leadership Event in Nanaimo last weekend called PowHERtalks. 18 women each spoke for nine minutes on a variety of lifestyle and leadership topics.  


Given that I feel so strongly about the power of individual people to build strong teams, strong businesses and healthy communities, I spoke about the Power of Team. I had lots of great info to share about building employee teams and the speech I gave seemed to be quite well received.  But this blog is about two different kind of teams.  It’s about my awesome family and the amazing group of women I had the fortunate windfall to become one of.


Given the talk was on a Saturday smack dab in the middle of a three day weekend for my kiddos, it was a no brainier that we were all going together. Gibsons (where we live) is less than 100 km from Nanaimo across the Strait of Georgia but we weren’t going ‘as the crow flies’ so they say, but rather taking two ferries to get there and two more to get home.  That’s code for two full days of travel to deliver a talk lasting nine minutes.  So, bringing my family along and turning it into a weekend getaway made even more sense.  Also, the main point in starting our own business and what leads us in all directions is for us to be a family first and this weekend was no exception.


Praxis decided to do some advertising and promotions so we put a booth in the event. Drew and the kids helped me set up before heading off to have some family time seeing a movie and Halloween shopping (see Drew’s blog about Halloween here.) We arrived early, got all set up and away they went.  I’ll admit watching them walk away made my nerves flare up. Up until then, we’d simply been on a little family get away but then the realization that I’d be speaking in front of I don’t know how many people made the butterflies bubble up to the surface.


In the end I had no reason to be nervous.  As I sat there listening to woman after woman speak, waiting for my turn to share my story, and then listening to those that came after, I felt more and more connected to each of them.  We were all there to tell our own story and to add a page or two to it.  There was no reason to be nervous because there wasn’t anything to win or lose, there was no competition, there was only support and collaboration.  This was an amazing collective effort from all of us to be inspired, to engage and to share.


The women sitting in the audience and the women on stage with me were all looking to be connected, to share together and grow. We lifted each other up and there’s no need for nervousness in that.  We created a powerful team that day and the power continues to surge as we stay connected and look for ways to continue the story.