Start with Why, by Erin Heeney

Hi, I'm Erin. I'm one of the gals Christina and Drew mentioned in the previous two posts. Like them, I'm overjoyed to be part the Praxis Team. It's quite flattering, actually.  For many reasons.

So, I made a list! Because who doesn't like lists?

5 (of many) Reasons why Praxis is both a Great Company to Work for and with:

5 Reasons Why.jpg

1. Strong Leadership: Christina and Drew enable organizations to thrive by helping them innovate and lead by example. They walk the talk and push best practices to be better. For example, writing my job description was a collaborative effort; I was hired for my skills, not my ability to complete specific tasks. My job description will evolve as I grow. Plus, I got to pick my job title! How cool is that?

2. Shared Values: at the end of the day, we all just want to help people and live our best lives

3. Teamwork: our work is based on collaboration, trust, and most of all fun! What more can you ask for in a team?

4. Flexibility: I can work where I want, when I want. I have choice in the projects I contribute to. The value in my work is in the quality of the hours, not the quantity.

5. Creativity: I get to design presentations and find creative ways to inform, educate, and lead people from idea to action.

As I grow in my role as Program Facilitator, I look forward to discovering more reasons why I'm pumped on the work we do, and I will be sure to continue to share that with you.

Until then, thank you, Drew, Christina, and Lindsay for such a warm welcome to the team!