New Years Resolutions: 2019

Some of us here at Praxis Group have a love-hate relationship with resolutions. On one hand we find the pressure of literally turning the calendar page into a new year overwhelming. Christina jokingly calls this time of year the “season of obligation” with all the ‘have to do’s’ around the holidays and setting resolutions for the New Year feels like another obligation. On the other hand, most of us adore planning and plotting and thinking about the future and how to make it better for our business, our team, our families and ourselves, which means that setting resolutions comes quite naturally.

Praxis Group

2019 is going to bring some big changes in our office with the addition of at least one new team member and two others heading off to have babies &/or go to school. For Drew and Christina this is an opportunity refine our Human Resource offerings, get crystal clear on who Praxis is (besides awesome!) and set some strong intentions for the year ahead.  In a nutshell our business is focusing on bring Respect to Workplaces across our province and beyond and to upping our Recruitment offering to support our Coastal clients in better more flexible ways and to take on more recruitment in areas outside of the GVRD – look out Vancouver Island and the Okanagan here we come!

Here are the resolutions from the rest of our team, let’s start with Christina:

In years past, my resolutions mostly centred on getting more sleep, getting more greens or getting outside with the dogs and kids more regularly, but this year my focus continues to be on finding healthy ways to ride the wave of work and home commitments and responsibilities.  The hard part is that I love my work and I love my kids and I have often felt that by choosing one I’m saying no to the other – which is a stinky feeling when I tell my kids I have to work again. So my resolution this year is to stick to the defined and clear parameters around work and work time and work demands. What I commit to in 2019 is staying focused on the HR work we do at Praxis, saying no to those things that do not feed my business or my soul and saying no to work on the weekends. By saying no to those things, I know I’m saying yes to more time with myself and with my family.


New Years resolutions are normally something that I avoid like the plague. Afterall, the year is dead like a doornail and every dog has had their day. However, I will take the opportunity to think outside the box, grab the tiger by the tail to come up with a resolution that will force me to take the bull by the horns. Sure, off the top of my head I can think of millions of ideas. I could join a gym and be fit as a fiddle, but that idea is as old as the hills. I could go that extra mile and give 110% to keep up with the Joneses but, that pace would take every fibre of my being.  At the end of the day, when looking at my life from a 30,000-foot view, my resolution for 2019 is crystal clear……


fewer clichés. 



This year, we’re writing a blog, so I’m opening myself up to publicly announce a NY resolution which in turn will organically make me accountable, right? I love goals, but rarely hold NY resolutions to the same standard. So, I suppose my final resolution is to be accountable to these ones!

1. Being punctual. This is a sign of respect and is a helpful resolution for my own mental wellbeing. That said, I am punctual and “on time”; however, I’m not early and if you were a fly on my wall, getting places on time is not very graceful. In the interest of “SMART” goals, I will:

  • Be 15 minutes earlier than “on time.”

  • Measure this weekly and know I have achieved this once it has become habitual.

  • Keep it attainable by committing to the one act. For example, not adding to this goal by committing to saying no more often. This adds a level of complexity that will derail this goal.

  • Give myself a break when this isn’t realistic, I have two young girls and we’re about to welcome our third, life happens; favourite socks get lost, or “actually mum I do have to go pee” is a thing.

  • Give myself enough time to achieve this goal. Start the process of getting out the door earlier, anticipate needs and be prepared to best of my ability.

 “You can’t recycle wasted time” – anonymous

2. This quote leads me to my next resolution, reduce & reuse more! As an avid recycler, I am finding myself still overwhelmed with recycling and the volume of production. Examples, I will continue to use less paper at work, reuse containers for kids snacks, second hand clothing, and to overall minimize my families intake. In the interest of not getting too granular, I will leave it at that. REDUCE REUSE Recycle!


My 2019 is going to bring some serious life changes! Sometime in January, my partner and I will be welcoming our first child, a baby girl. In June, we are planning on getting married. I am excited to see how Praxis grows while I am away, and how completely different it will be when I return. Through all these changes, my resolution is to remain in the moment and try to enjoy all of it – even the messy bits. Unlike Drew, things don’t seem crystal clear currently, but that’s okay too. Let’s go 2019; I’m ready for you! 


2018 was a year of great personal growth for me, full of challenges and adventures that have ultimately led me to where I am now. Having recently joined the Praxis team at the turn of the year, I have been given an amazing opportunity to continue growing and learning from those around me. My resolution for 2019 is to focus on my professional growth, and to constantly seek out opportunities that expand my knowledge and experience.

Happy New Year & Bring on 2019!