Recovery is the expectation

“Recovery shouldn’t be a possibility. It should be the expectation.”

- Victoria Maxwell, Bipolar Princess

On this Bell Let’s Talk Day Praxis has joined forces with Crazy for Life CEO, Victoria Maxwell, to talk about mental health in the workplace.  Our joint goal is to eliminate stereotypes and push past stigmas so that employers feel as receptive to an employee with physical health concerns as one with mental health concerns.  After all, unwell is unwell regardless of the issue – and all employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and to feel supported by their employer.

Victoria Maxwell, BFA, BPP* (Bipolar Princess) is a sought-after international (and funny) keynote speaker, performing artist and workshop leader. She uses her personal story of recovery from mental illness to increase awareness, transform negative beliefs and ignite powerful conversations about mental health. Blending 30 years as an actor, and 15 as a wellness warrior, Victoria inspires people to take immediate action to improve their well-being. 

Check out a blog she wrote for Psychology Today

In it she offers some really sound advice and practical tips for how to speak with a colleague about mental health.  The big take away is to come from a place of curiosity free from judgement.

On this day and all days, let’s work together to eliminate the uncomfortableness around mental health in the workplace.