A Dream Come True: A Welcome Letter by Kyle Reid

“A dream come true”

This is how I often answer friends and family when asked how my new job is going. To understand why, I should first introduce myself. I was born and raised in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, a privilege often not understood by most until after leaving. I grew up in a home way out in Tuwanek, away from all life and civilization, or at least my adolescent mind thought so. All I wanted to do when I finished school was to pack up and not look back. After moving away with years of learning and growing, the magic of busier people and crowded places began to wear off. I felt a yearning to return to the place I once couldn’t wait to leave, and I was able to re-explore the home I had so taken for granted. Since rejoining this amazing community, I have come to appreciate the benefits and beauty that comes with being a part of it.

It was in a time of reflection during my studies that I discovered my passion for Human Resources. I was beginning to feel unsatisfied with the program I was enrolled in, and I began to seek out alternatives. I wanted to devote myself to something where I could help others and make a positive impact on those around me. There was no shortage of great schools and programs, but I wanted to find something that would give me the tools to make a difference. Eventually I found an institution that was full of amazing people that helped shaped who I am, and their positivity and enthusiasm are still with me today.

I didn’t believe it was possible to find a place to work that combined my passion for Human Resources with the values and qualities held by a smaller community. It wasn’t until I discovered Praxis, or should I say they discovered me, when I realized that my dream could become reality. The more I found out about the organization, people, and opportunity the more I realized this was my dream job. My first month has flown by, and I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of us. I encourage anyone to pursue their passions and never settle for less, dreams do come true.