HR Strategic Planning: Taking Deliberate Action, Post #9 ~ Christina Stewart

Recruitment Strategies

The last two weeks in our discussion on HR Strategic Planning we talked about using Learning and Development Strategies to align your workforce with your overall organizational direction. This week we’re going to talk about Recruiting!


This strategy includes:

·        Recruiting new staff with the skill and abilities that your organization will need in the future

·        Considering all the available options for strategically promoting job openings and encouraging suitable candidates to apply

For strategic HR planning, each time you recruit you should be looking at the requirements from a strategic perspective. Perhaps your organization has a need for a new fundraiser right now to plan special events as part of your fundraising plan. However, if your organization is considering moving from fundraising through special events to planned giving, your recruitment strategy should be to find someone who can do both to align with the change that you plan for the future.

But before pulling the trigger on hiring make certain that you can calculate the ROI.  One of the biggest mistakes I see organizations making is hiring people without a obvious sense of how their work will rationalize the cost of employing them.


If you are hiring based on expected growth, you should be able to calculate the ROI on the person you are hiring. If you can't quantify how this person will absolutely increase the revenues so their salary and benefits are covered, then you are simply putting yourself in a negative cash flow position.

Yes, employees need to be trained and require a ramp up phase. But, if within that time you aren't able to then confirm the ROI, you shouldn't keep them on ad you probably shouldn’t have hired them in the first place.

I have personally made this mistake in the past and it reinforced for me how important it is to A) only hire top performers, and B) only hire when you know the ROI is greater than the hiring cost.

It's also important to remember that recruitment is marketing.  No longer does the “post and pray” method of throwing job ads out there work, you now have to make sure your ad is really an ad.  That’s going to hook people in and get them to look up the full posting.


Then once they apply, make sure you are ABR: Always be Recruiting! Make sure you are treating your applicants just as you would your clients.  Talk to them, keep them in the loop, and always be persuading them to join you.

Tune in next time to learn about Outsourcing Strategies.