Praxis in the Community: Busting Biases and Campaigning for Respect

Sharing ideas encourages us to develop connections, motivate progress and hear the thoughts of new people and networks. These are just some of the reasons it’s important for our staff at Praxis Performance Group to get out in the community and participate in events across various sectors.  

Christina Stewart, President of Client Affairs at Praxis Group has two exciting speaking engagements coming up over the next few weeks. On November 17th she’ll be speaking to a group with the Vancouver chapter of Young Women in Business  (YWIB). “This is a great opportunity for me,” explains Christina, “It’s a chance to reflect on what I would go back and tell my younger self if I could.” The conversation will focus around female biases in the workplace, including maternal bias, the perception that women are something different than they were before they had children or have different career goals due to their family life. An example of a this is not discussing an opportunity with a female colleague for a week-long overseas business trip because she has a family. The bias is making the assumption she wouldn’t want to be away from her children. This type of bias is not necessarily intentional but can be harmful. Christina’s talk will normalize some of these experiences young professionals may be having on both sides of these discussions and offer tools on how to fight these biases.

“Often it comes to banding together. Women linking arms and saying we’ve had enough,” says Christina. “I’m going to name theses really common female biases and give the women some strategies to overcome them. There’s a lot we can do to interrupt or disrupt these ideas. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying, ‘wait, why? Let’s chat to our female colleague and ask what she thinks about the business trip first.’ ”

Tickets to this event are available on the YWIB events page:  

On December 5st Christina will be speaking to women in the construction industry, specifically those involved with Passive House high performance building standards. This event is an opportunity for women, or those who identify as women in the industry to come together for open dialogue. “It’s a place for women to bring their full selves and learn something without having to adjust due to any bias around females in the trades or construction. I’m going to be talking about tokenism and the tug-of-war bias,” explains Christina. “With the effort to include a token women on a board or in a group there becomes a perceived unhealthy competition amongst women around the limited opportunities available to them. I want to explore how to interrupt that and work together instead of against each other. I’m going to share stories about women coming together. Even if there is only one job or one position available, I want to talk about we can work together.”

More information available through Passive House Canada


The last opportunity, and this one local to the Coast, to hear the expertise of a Praxis Group Team Member is on November 15th at the Sechelt Nation Hall. Director of HR Services at Praxis Performance Group, Lindsay Roberts will be presenting on a panel of local leaders at ‘Continuing the Conversation’ hosted by the Workforce Development Alliance. This lunch networking event gathers a community collective to ensure local businesses are working together to support each other in our efforts to create meaningful employment. Lindsay will be discussing how to respectfully recruit. She will emphasize the importance of taking care of people, current and prospective staff by interviewing and recruiting in a respectful way. This presentation will use examples from our Respectful Workplace Certification Program.

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