New Office, New Respectful Workplace Certification, Elevated HR Advisory Expertise

Praxis Group has good reason to celebrate. Business has been run for the last four years from Christina and Drew’s home office, but on Thursday November 8th they open their new office to those who helped them get there. “We’re so looking forward to sharing our incredible new space and hosting those who love us and have supported us,” says Christina Stewart, President of Client Affairs at Praxis Group. “We view this as a celebration, of moving out of our house, away from the ‘kitchen table’, and into something that our friends, and clients have helped us create. It’s our way of saying thank you.”

The new office is located at #14 - 292 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons. “We looked for space for about a year and a half before we found exactly what we wanted which was something that represented Gibsons and represented us,” continues Christina. “It’s polished and professional and fits within the Gibsons vibe. We look out over the Marina and Gower Point Road. Beachcomber coffee is down the street. We’re surrounded by incredible local businesses in the heart of Lower Gibsons with a spectacular ocean backdrop. Looking inward we’ve created a really nice working space. It’s a comfortable place to work, meet with clients, interview candidates and gather our team. Praxis has found its home.”

Connection to the community reflects what Praxis is all about, the two are intertwined. “What happens on the Coast is people come for vacation and they wish they could stay,” explains Christina. “They dream of finding meaningful employment right here where they vacation and that feels impossible. We’re here proving you can.  We have done it and so have our employees and that’s what we can help with. There is a booming business community and economic development happening here. And it doesn’t mean sacrificing your home life for your work life, they can be and are, connected here. We’re creating jobs here on the Coast and that’s something we’re proud of. We’re also leading by example of what employment relationships look like.”

At Thursday’s party Praxis will formally launch their Respectful Workplace Certification. Praxis knows building a Respectful Workplace is an investment in talent, productivity, employee retention and growth. A Respectful Workplace Certification will lower ongoing recruitment costs, improve productivity and drive increased margin and profit. The program is also an investment in culture, morale and service that pays enormous dividends in customer and client acquisition.

“We are an HR solutions firm. At the core of it we provide really sound HR advice that ensures our clients are legally compliant, behaving ethically and that they’re hitting benchmarks around anti-bullying, harassment, diversity and that they’re being progressive in their operations,” explains Christina. “We’ve served clients in various ways offering different services but we’ve come to realize it all centres around one thing, the creation of a respectful workplace. Now that we’ve been in business for four years we’re crystal clear on who we are and what we stand for. We are really refined and we know how we can help.”

The Respectful Workplace Certification is an HR assessment and policy audit with personal development and issue resolution. Then we establish your working committee and measure the performance and profit impact. “Ideally, every business could use a third party perspective on how they’re operating,” shares Christina. “But really it all comes down to respectful leaders. Our work is not going to make any impact – culturally, financially or personally - if the leadership isn’t receptive to us and open to having conversations about respect. We’re looking for leaders who believe their team is their greatest resource and has the commitment to be better.”

Praxis means translating ideas into action. The company was created on that foundation and it is what informs the ongoing structure of the Respectful Workplace Certification. We look forward to celebrating with you and sharing more about this exciting program on Thursday November 8th from 3 – 6pm at #14 - 292 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons. Join us for drinks from Gibsons Tapworks and tapas from Lunitas Mexican Eatery. Please RSVP to