The Best Teams Thrive on Conflict by Drew Stewart

When you think of a highly functioning organization or team, the perception is quite often the same.

”They all get along so well because they are very similar and know what each other needs.”

“They always seem to be in agreement and it is a very harmonious place to work.”

“They think and act as one and have so much in common.”

Sounds like a nice place to work doesn’t it? The question is, does this kind of environment deliver the best possible results?   Chances are, probably not. What most high performing teams need is a little bit of conflict. It is probably highly unnatural for most people to actually invite conflict into their lives. However, the benefits can be extremely positive.  Increased engagement, improved productivity and fresh ideas are just a few of the benefits that can come out of conflict. Now in concept, this is a fantastic idea. However, conflict needs to be managed and handled in the proper way. Not every organization is equipped to deal with it. Your workplace needs to be an environment that builds trust and respect and allows a variety of differing opinions to truly work and effectively manage conflict.

The topic of conflict in the workplace is broad and it doesn’t have nice cookie cutter solutions. Approaches to addressing a process like conflict resolution needs to be considered carefully and will depend on one’s current workplace culture.

Thankfully due to the robust nature of this topic, it allows us the opportunity to discuss it even further at the upcoming PowHERtalks event in Vancouver on Jan. 30th, where Christina is one of the 18 invited speakers.  For more information on this event please click on the following link:

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