We specialize in customized outsourced Human Resources services, strategy and support. All of our HR solutions are tailored to fit your specific needs - nothing comes to you “off the shelf.” From ensuring you have effective policies and procedures in place, to recruiting your top talent, to creating a winning culture – Praxis HR Group has the HR solution and offers your business measurable results. Based on the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver, our HR team works across British Columbia.

Our Services Meet Your Needs and Goals

HR Service Offerings:

  • Human Resource Audits

  • Recruitment and Recruitment Programs

  • Creating Respectful Workplaces (Anti-Bullying & Harassment)

  • Strategic Human Resource Planning

  • Human Resource Solutions and Advice

  • Employee Relations including Terminations and Exit Interviews

  • Creating Employee Handbooks | Job Descriptions | Policy and Procedure Manuals

  • Compensation, Rewards, and Recognition Programs

  • Team and Leadership Development

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessments and Workshops

See below for details on the services we provide, or call us at
778-658-0478 to chat about your needs.


Human Resource Audit

An HR Audit provides your company with insight as to how your Human Resources behaviour is impacting your goals, objectives and bottom line. With an appreciation of your unique organization, we observe your employment policies and procedures. We build an understanding of your business strategy, purpose and intentions of the organization, we then interview key staff (different employees in different roles, different locations, with varied tenure and responsibilities). We also look at your HR Policy, recruitment, onboarding and training activities and any other documentation that is relevant to the employee relationship. Once complete we provide you with a summary report outlining our: Findings, Options and Recommendations as well as An Action Plan.


Recruitment & Recruitment Programs

You want the best talent for your organization. We dig deep to locate, interview, assess and screen talent options for you. We bring employees, leaders and your business to greater success by finding the right fit with the right skills and attitude to your organization.

When undertaking recruitment on your behalf, we take on all recruitment functions of sourcing, screening, assessing, advertising and networking, interviewing, short listing, reference checking, and hiring negotiations – you simply pick the one you want!

Need help developing a robust and effective recruitment program that you can execute yourself?  From the job description to assessing the need to hire, from the advertisement placement to time to hire, we provide you with solid metrics to help you pinpoint areas of concern as well as provide practical solutions that you can implement with ease. Additionally, we provide you with interview guidelines, advertisement writing, job description writing and interview guides as well as references.

Your next great hire is waiting for you – let us help you find them!


Strategic Human Resource Planning

Want to know where you are headed and have some say over where that is? Praxis HR Group is well versed in strategy development – whether in HR, Operations or overall business functioning we can set you on the path to success.  Using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and KPI trees as well as outcomes we’ll aid in goal development, benchmarking, and tracking on your direction.


Team and Leadership Development

Businesses of all sizes strive to work with employees to either build engagement or to further engage them. Engaged employees are a triple win – the employee is happy, the business is happy and the business’s clients are happy.

Praxis conducts interactive sessions with groups, departments, branches, locations or an entire organization aimed at the creation of effective and efficient teams.  Team Building is the use of different types of team interventions that are aimed at enhancing social relations and clarifying team members' roles, as well as solving task and interpersonal problems that affect team functioning.

Praxis HR Group has a designed our team building programs using a “Tell, Show, Do” workshop design, Praxis gives leadership and all team members the opportunity to learn the information, see the examples and practice the techniques.


Human Resource Advice and Solutions

We help organizations large, small or tiny who are experiencing a unique occurrence. Praxis HR Group aids your business in coping with anomalies or exploiting positives, depending on what the situation calls for. Our clients hire us to manage projects, deal with difficult situations or offer advice within Operations or Human Resources. Acting as an outsourced team member, we step in during times of adversity within the organization; those times when your own internal team is overcapacity and extra help is needed or when specialized skills that your employees don’t currently possess are needed. 


Employee Relations, Exit Interviews and Terminations

Are you struggling with a unique employee situation? 

We step in as an impartial third party to break down the conflict and offer suggestions for coaching, mediation and improvement. We also undertake exit interviews on your behalf to get a crystal clear picture as to why your employees are leaving. Need to terminate an employee? Let us help. Terminations are complicated and stressful. We help you find the right words, the right timing and the right tack to ensure you are legally compliant and ethical.


Employee Handbooks | Job Descriptions | Policy & Procedure Manuals

Some of the written work we do includes: Human Resource Strategic Plans, Operations Strategic Plans, Policy and Procedure Manuals (in entirety or updates, changes or additions), Employee Handbooks, Job Analysis Reports, Job Descriptions, Job Advertisements, Business Plans and Responses to Request for Proposals. If you need an HR document - we can help!


Compensation, Rewards, and Recognition Programs

Job benchmarking, wage grid evaluations and compensation analysis all provide a rational and consistent approach for determining the pay of employees within an organization and any organization who undertakes such a project is to be complimented for carrying out this project on behalf of its employees.

If you would like to create equity within your pay – both internal to other roles and external to market, then reach out to see how we can help! Internally we ensure employees are being paid fairly, relative to each other, as well as create a rational plan for your team members to increase their compensation over time as they move through certain milestones (experience, performance and/or education.)

External Equity is the term used to describe fair and competitive compensation with respect to the market value of a job. It is the average level at which your organization pays relative to the outside labour market. This is determined through market definitions (defining your relevant labour market), salary surveys, and your pay policy decision (where you wish to pay relative to the market).

We also conduct job analyses (a job analysis gives in detail the skills required to perform a job, the qualifications, physical and mental demands, education, experience, various responsibilities associated with the job in order to determine the job description and the required skills in an area of need within an organization.)


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessments & Workshops

We embrace the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) philosophy as a proven and effective tool that can create the platform to understand differences, increase the effectiveness of communication and decrease the presence of stress is your workplace. The MBTI is excellent at allowing you to begin conversations that lead to greater understanding of ourselves and each other.

In theory, the MBTI assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.  In practice, we can take the assessment and show your teams how to make sense of why they and others behave the way they do.  MBTI assessments and team building exercises are a fun, interactive way to develop comradery and enlighten groups on the dynamics of the team, where individuals fit in with the group and how to use those to the advantage of the team.

Whether your team is functioning well and you want to keep the good times going or whether you are experiences some challenges MBTI is an excellent option for growth and development. All Praxis Consultants have completed the MBTI Facilitator Education and are Certified in both Step I and Step II MBTI Assessments.


Don’t avoid situations you are unsure about, ask for guidance from certified Human Resource professionals. We’ll assess the situation, offer possible resolutions and outcomes then work with you to implement your chosen path. Email us at admin@praxisgroup.ca today!

I have worked with Drew and Christina Stewart for years and Praxis Performance Group is my go-to HR source. I know I can rely on the advice I’m given to ensure my organization is keeping current; with legislative changes or with standard practices. I feel better knowing that I have Praxis as a part of my team.
— Tracy Dallas, General Manager, St. Paul's Foundation