The key drivers of highly successful organizations are Alignment, Respect, Productivity & Pride. In turn, successful recruitment is rooted in a conscientious understanding your organizational goals, priorities and culture.

The Praxis Recruitment team is entirely comprised of experienced HR professionals; we are not headhunters, we are talent and resource alignment and recruitment experts. Our team works with you to define and select for the employee attributes that align with your goals, culture and performance aspirations. We understand the impact a great new hire can have on an organization, and equally, we are aware of the short and long term costs of adverse selection.

Our HR advisory services - audits, policy and procedure development - ensure alignment is created and embedded within your organization.

Respectful Workplace Certification enshrines the values of your organization across all teams.

Taken individually or as a holistic approach to improved performance and productivity, Praxis will help your organization reach its potential through the greatest value creation assets you possess: your people.

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Step One:

HR Assessment & Policy Audit

With an eye to creating healthy, productive and respectful workplaces, we will assess your Purpose, People, Policies and Processes.

Purpose: We begin by understanding your business purpose, growth strategy and highest aspirations for the organization

People: We interview key staff; ideally employees in different roles, different locations, with varied tenure and responsibilities

Policy: We review HR Policy for respectful language, culture and ideas, or we identify areas of opportunity within your policy framework, paying particular attention to the Respectful Workplace Policy and Procedures

Processes: We assess your HR systems such as how the office is organized, how you engage in recruitment, onboarding, performance reviews, promotions, and training activities, and any other procedure that is relevant to the employee relationship to ensure you are organized for a high performance culture

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Step 2: Personal Development and Issue Resolution

In the modern workforce, what gets recognized and rewarded, gets done. In this step, we define the behaviours that hurt the organization, and the ones that move you forward.

Each ‘Creating a Respectful Workplace’ session covers:

  • Definitions of Bullying, Harassment, Incivility, Gossip and other non-productive behaviours:

  • Workplace Conflict – the good the bad and the ugly

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, as well as Unconscious Bias

  • Addressing disrespectful conduct:

  • Any other area that is specific to your organization such as racism, sexism and hazing.

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Step 3: Establishing Your Working Committee

Enshrining the Principles of Respect in your Culture.

The purpose of A Respect in the Workplace Working Committee is to guide the entire team’s effort of creating a respectful workplace culture. Effective committees can be one of the most important working forces at the heart of an organization as well an extremely rewarding experience for those involved. There are several basic reasons to establish or join a committee. These include:

  • Creating space for employees to establish protocol

  • Sharing responsibilities throughout the organization

  • Involving members of every department

  • Using the specialized skills of members

  • Providing a vehicle where matters can be examined in more detail

  • Creating monthly or quarterly campaigns to remind all employees that Respect starts with them.

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Step 4: Measuring Performance & Profit Impact

Employee pride, productivity and retention is inextricably linked to customer loyalty, advocacy and referral. They are interdependent values that contribute more to a company's financial performance over time than virtually anything else an organization does. Improving one improves the other, and each drive incremental growth both independently and together.

In a seminal study by Frederick F. Reichheld of Bain Consulting Group, the average corporation loses:

  • 50% of its customers every 5 years

  • 40% of its employees every 4 years

  • And 50% of its investors every single year. 

The net effect is that corporate growth is stunted by 25% to 50%. 

The Respect Multiplier gains you the right employees, who deliver superior service and productivity, who remain with the organization, and who consistently drive up customer retention and referral, delivering dramatically improved financial performance. 

I have worked with Drew and Christina Stewart for years and Praxis Performance Group is my go-to HR source. I know I can rely on the advice I’m given to ensure my organization is keeping current; with legislative changes or with standard practices. I feel better knowing that I have Praxis as a part of my team.
— Tracy Dallas, Vice President, Operations, Total Staffing Solutions