Respect begins with knowledge, and grows into culture

The Praxis HR Group Process begins with Respectful Leadership, and engages every level of your organization in the acts of learning, professional development and personal growth.  

Interested in ensuring compliance with WorkSafeBC requirements? WorkSafeBC requires all organizations in the province of BC to have Anti-bullying and Harassment preventative measures in place. Start with this video to see how Praxis can help you.

Respectful workplaces are high performance workplaces.

Pride, productivity and profit all grow with Respect. 
Be the organization that commands it.

Respect is a profit multiplier.


Build it, and they will come.

Respectful Workplace Certification may be the most important recruitment tool an organization has in the modern era. Praxis makes it a painless and highly rewarding process.


HR Assessment
& Policy Audit


Personal Development
& Issue Resolution


Establishing Your
Working Committee


Measuring the Performance & Profit Impact


Building a Respectful Workplace is an investment in talent, productivity, employee retention and growth. A Respectful Workplace Certification will lower your ongoing recruitment costs, improve productivity and drive increased margin and profit.

It is also an investment in culture, morale and service that pays enormous dividends in customer and client acquisition. The most relevant and important differentiator a company can possess in today’s business and consumer climate is not the kind of product they make, but the kind of values they demonstrate. Trust drives all transactions, is shared widely, and in most industries is responsible for more than 50% of consumer decisions on which company to buy from.  The market share and profit multiplier from Respectful Workplace Certification is based on trust, and on aligning your values with those of your customers.

Praxis has created a modular, customizable process to reflect the varying needs and capacities of organizations of every size, while remaining true to the core pillars that define a Respectful Workplace.  


Curious about building Respect in your Workplace?

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Christina and Drew have modelled their business and the services they provide on the belief that everyone thrives in a respectful work environment – employees, clients, volunteers, all stakeholders. They live the values inherent in the creation of respectful workplaces and, having worked with them, I can attest to the wisdom that they will bring to strengthen your business.
— Lucie McKiernan, Retired Human Resource Leader
With appreciation for the assistance provided by Christina Stewart and Praxis Group, it is my pleasure to recommend them for any support your workplace environment might need.
— Gerry Parker Senior Manager, Human Resources Sunshine Coast Regional District