Founders Statement: 2019: Is this the year?

A message from Praxis Founders, Drew Stewart & Christina Stewart

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For 21 years we have each worked in high performance companies, performing human resource management roles, and for 21 years we’ve helped companies react to human issues threatening their business growth and profitability, and in some cases, their very survival. It’s the core of what we do: we help our clients manage conflict, bullying, harassment, incivility, low morale and distracted, unproductive employee situations, and set the framework to turn those workplaces around.

What is challenging for us, even frustrating, is that underlying so many of the most difficult and financially damaging human resource issues we’ve seen is one inescapable fact: they were preventable! An unpleasant but fitting analogy is the heart attack patient who embraces a healthy diet and exercise regimen immediately after having narrowly escaped tragedy. Had those habits been in place earlier, as they should have been, there would have been no existential threat to begin with.

This may feel unduly provocative, but consider: good behaviours and bad behaviours are equally habit forming. If we aren’t consciously promoting, recognizing and reinforcing positive, healthy behaviours, we leave space for their counterparts to take root and establish their own self-reinforcing patterns. As it is with heart health, so it is with corporate culture: we sow the seeds of our own downfall by assuming it can’t happen to us, and carrying on oblivious to the risks. If there is one thing we have all learned since the #metoo era began, it’s that it can and does happen to just about any organization, large or small. According to University of Windsor workplace bullying expert Jacqueline Power, fully 40% of Canadian workers have experienced one or more acts of workplace bullying at least once a week for the last six months.

The cost of this behaviour on productivity, performance and profitability is staggering. And that does not even begin to contemplate the liability when things escalate. Why don’t we acknowledge this as corporate leaders and managers, and proactively protect ourselves against the risk? Because we don’t think it can happen to us. The truth, as the data inevitably shows, it is happening to the majority of us, right now.

What is Respectful Workplace Certification? In our opinion, one of the smartest investments a company can make.


Praxis Performance Group Inc. partners with a wide variety of businesses to build pride, performance and profitability through HR Solutions, Recruitment, and Team Development. Our capable and experienced team deliver straightforward advice and practical solutions. Our clients foster a vibrant, respectful work environment that attracts, builds and retains excellence.


Praxis Performance Group Inc.’s Vision is to exemplify respect. We are a positive influence that creates connections for our teams and our leaders. We provide client value and become our client’s partner. We create excitement for their teams and leaders in the information we share. We fulfill our promises and push ourselves to be our very best for our colleagues, our clients our community and ourselves.

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Always be Respectful
Always be Learning
Always act with Integrity


We are respectful and intentional; we use common sense and provide value.